More Snow!

Hello everyone!

Well, it seems that Friday updates are going to start turning into Monday updates if we keep having all these snow days!! I would love to share what we have been doing this week, but it wouldn't be the same without pictures! So stay tuned to see the artwork from this week show up on Monday! (or whenever I can get back to school!)

So what did I do on this snow day? Well, my husband and I ventured out after lunch today and the roads seemed pretty clear. We met my sister and two nieces at the Huntington Mall for some good deals! I saw several students there shopping too!! Hope you guys found something good! I think we will enjoy some Mexican food here in a bit, then come home to relax with Netflix or Mario Kart Wii! Two of our favorite snow day activities! I hope everyone had a happy and safe snow day! See you Monday!

Mrs. Edwards

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