Second Grade's Celebration

Second Grade did not illustrate last week, because we were too busy celebrating our win in the No "W" Contest!! We narrowed down our theme to 2 choices- popcorn or playdough. The final choice? Both!


It's not really a party without popcorn, so we decided we could have a Popcorn AND a Playdough Party! Each art student spent the whole art hour molding, creating, bending, shaping, and playing with Playdough.

Then we all took a dive into the sea of flavors of popcorn. The favorite was caramel corn of course! (I prefer the cheddar!) After we made a huge mess, we cleaned up as fast as we could. Whoever I saw working the hardest was able to pick their playdough color first... this was a big deal, because this was for KEEPS!

 Wow! It was such a fun time, and I am so very proud of their hard work and excellent behavior!

Good work Second Grade!

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