1st and 3rd Grade Resolutions

After trying to upload these pictures for the last few days, I think it will finally work with me! Sorry for the delay, but the beautiful artwork is well worth the wait!!

(Check back at previous posts to read about our New Year's Resolution Illustrations in detail!)
First Grade really enjoyed the idea of being the illustrator! They were also very creative in thinking of goals for 2011! Here is what some of them came up with!

Grant- 1st Grade
Grant's goals is to be nice when he plays with others. (Nice action lines!)

Rachel- 1st Grade

Rachel's goals is to exercise everday. (I love the treadmill!)

Third Grade also came up with some beautiful story-book illustrations of 2011 Resolutions! Take a look at the details!! Very nice job!

Hannah - 3rd Grade
"In 2010, I would not help others or around the house."

"I made a New Year's Resolution to help others and around the house."

"By the end of 2011, I'm going to be the helping queen!"

Being selfless is a great goal to have, Hannah!

Jenna- 3rd Grade
"In 2010, I slept too much."

"I made a New Year's Resolution to start exercising."

"By the end of 2011, I will be strong."

 It's definitely a good idea to avoid laziness, Jenna!

Everyone did a great job thinking of goals, now we just have to reach them! Pray for all the students at GCS that they will learn to lean on the strength of the Lord in their efforts to reach their 2011 goals!

Mrs. Edwards

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