Design Week (finally!)

And yet another snow day has delayed the blogging of GCS Art Students! Thankfully, we are back on track, and you are going to love what we created last week!!

In case you haven't noticed, January is all about occupations in the art world! First we talked about illustrators, then we learned about inventors, and last week we learned about fashion design. Fashion design is not limited to run-ways, crazy outfits, and deathly high heels!! We discovered that "fashion" is all around us, and that somebody out there designed it!

Kindergarten art students got a chance to design their very own shirt or dress. We reviewed symmetry and patterns and colors. We carefully planned out the design with our pencil, colored it with crayons, then presented each one to the class. Then we voted (by applause) on our favorite patterns that we would love to wear some day! What do you think of these future fashion designers?

Left to Right: Carli, Travis, Abigail

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade are students are in the middle of a semi-top-secret project!! Their design project for this week is part of a surprise that parents will be able to see on Open House night! The students had to design a belt-buckle that fit their personality. There were some very fashionable designs and themes on these buckles! Because you are a very valuable blog-reader, we will give you a sneak-peek at a few buckles! Make sure you don't miss Open House to see the entire look all together!

Gabrielle - 1st Grade

Jonathan - 2nd Grade

Selena - 3rd Grade

Jenna - 3rd Grade

Josh - 1st Grade

Lilly - 2nd Grade

Check back tomorrow for 6th Grade's Pattern Designs!

As you can see, we have many talented students at GCS! My goal for the months of January and February is to show students the many possible jobs where they can use their art skills to glorify God! Check back at the end of this week to see what profession we're going to explore! Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Edwards

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