Bold and Beautiful Flowers in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe

Welcome Art Friends!
We keep having this little glimpses of spring recently! I absolutely love the breezy weather, bright colors, and green goodness of spring! God is such a wonderful Creator to have given us these gifts of beauty! Can't wait til spring is here to stay!!
"Red Poppy" by Georgia O'Keeffe
Last week art students created breath-taking watercolor paintings of huge and colorful flowers. We learned about artist, Geogia O'Keeffe who is famous for her larger-than-life flowers. She used a variety of colors and sometimes abstract designs to make unique and exciting pieces of art. We painted lovely flowers with petals bursting off the page, and I have to say I love the results! Enjoy!

Josh- 6th Grade

Noah- 5th Grade

Reagan- 1st Grade

Lindsey- 3rd Grade

Cameron- 4th Grade

Brynne- 6th Grade

Zach- 3rd Grade

Well, I hope you enjoyed these sweet and happy flower paintings! Thanks for stopping by! Please remember to pray for the GCS High School students who will be participating in a Fine Arts Competition this Friday! I will try to post pictures of some of their art submissions next week! 
Mrs. Edwards

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