Kindergarten Logo Design

Welcome Friends!
As we continued our study of different careers in the world of art, we came upon the job of a graphic designer! Most graphic designers do their work on a computer, but plenty of sketchwork is done on real paper. That is why everything you will see from this week is not digitally created. Plus- getting the computer to do what we want it to do is sometimes a very hard and frustrating thing!! I prefer to skip the frustration of the computer for elementary students and get those great ideas out on paper!!

Kindergarten has learned what a logo is, how to design something that promotes your product (this includes pictures and colors that relate to the product), and how to make some creative lettering for the whole thing! So what were making logos for? Grace Christian School of course!!!

Take a look at these nice samples of student-designed logos! Pretty impressive!

By: Mckenzie - Kindergarten

By: Abigail- Kindergarten
Nice work girls! I love the creative letters and snazzy blue and gold color choices!! Go Soldiers!

Mrs. Edwards

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