5th and 6th grade Font Designs!

Welcome back!
Did you already read about the graphic designs of 1st-3rd grade and Kindergarten? Make sure you check those out to hear what we have been learning about the career of a graphic designer!!

5th and 6th grade art students learned about fonts, creative lettering, and how to design a unique font (and come up with a great name for it!) Since, good design includes consistency in theme throughout the whole alphabet, students were required to write out the entire alphabet (upper and lower case) in their new font. They also had to write out the famous pangram: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" to test the font in sentence format!

Take a look at these potential future fonts!!

By: Daniel- 5th Grade
Name of Font: Spikes

By: Mason- 6th Grade
Name of Font: Ropes
*Mason is new to our 6th grade class and is doing a great job in art!

By: Morgan- 6th Grade
Name of Font: Leaf Letters

By: Noah- 5th Grade
Name of Font: Hairy Letters

Congratulations on designing your own font, students! Keep up the great work!!

Mrs. Edwards

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