Vibrant Landscapes- Van Gogh Week

Welcome back to the art blog featuring the most talented artists: GCS elementary art students! Make sure you catch up on everything we have been doing in art class for the past few weeks!!

We have been talking about the life and work of famous artists and this week we discussed the troubled, yet talented artist Vincent Van Gogh. We learned about his quite crazy personality, his missing ear, and also his posthumous fame. Although we think he was a great painter, we definitely do not want to act like him!!
This week, art students in grades 1st-6th created beautiful landscapes using chalk pastels. These are sure to take your breath away! Here’s how we made these masterpieces:

  • We learned that landscapes should show both the land and the sky.
  • Each student had to choose between a warm or cool set of colors.
  • We used Van Gogh’s technique of blustery, windy, and wavy lines to make the sky.
  • Next we used our finger to blend the colors together by slightly smearing the lines to create a windy or sandy effect.
  • Some students used dark construction paper to create the land with a foreground shadow while others used pastels to draw the land.

This is a pretty city-scape in cool colors!
By: Abby- 6th Grade

This warm-colored desert looks nice and sandy!
By: Bryan- 4th Grade

I would love to visit this warm-colored beach!
By: Lena- 2nd Grade

This night-time landscape is eerily beautiful!
By: Dana- 4th grade

This cool color landscape reminds me of a breezy night!
By: Lilly- 2nd Grade
We hope you enjoyed these vibrant landscapes! Come back for many more pieces of artwork!!
Mrs. Edwards

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