The Highly Coveted and Thought-Provoking Art of KINDERGARTEN!!

Kindergarten art is anything but boring! We have learned so much this year! I wanted to share two fun projects that we have done recently. These projects can be used with children as young as two, so take notes if you are a stay-at-home parent who is interested in bringing some artful fun to your home!

String Paintings
Everyone really enjoyed this colorful, unique, and hands-on project! To begin, I sat out several different colors of paper, and several colors of paints. I chose the quiestest, best-seated students to go first. Each child had to pick a color of paint and paper. Together, we dipped a very long string (about 2 feet) into a bowl of paint. We made sure the whole string was coated. Next we laid the string down in the pattern of our choice, being sure to include lots of loops! On top of the string designed paper, I placed one more colored paper followed by a heavy-duty piece of cardboard and a heavy-duty can of paint. Next the students had to pull with all their might to get the string out from between to two papers. Most students needed help pulling that stubborn string out, but it was well worth the beautiful result! When you unveil the two papers, you will find mirror reflections of the string designed pulled out in a manner that resembles a flower. Some looked different than flowers, but all were unique and abstract! We had such a good time laughing and cheering for each new piece of art that was formed that day! Here is a sampling of what we did:

Stunning, One-of-a-Kind Masterpieces!
 Clay Day Snails
On Clay Day, students had a blast experimenting with 3-D art. When I first passed out the clay, I had students quickly form whatever object I called out. It was a race to create a tooth, flower, snake, balloon, bowl, and other fun objects. Then I let the students create anything they wished. It wasn't long before one student discovered how to make a nice looking snail! Soon after, many of the students decided to present a friendly little snail to me. This project helped the kindergarten practice their fine motor skills as well as learn about form and shape. Take a look at the family of snails from this fun day!

An exciting day ended with some snail pals!
 Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about the wonderful artwork of our Kindergarteners! They have really grown in their art skills this year!

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