Good Point, Seurat! (Our Experimentation with Pointillism!)

Yes, there is more wonderful pieces of art to see!!

As we continued our study of famous artists, we took a look at a man named Georges Seurat. Art students have been learning all about pointillism! Pointillism is the art of making a bigger picture out of little dots (or points!) Did you know that French artist, Georges Seurat used pointillism to create the picture seen above? Did you know that GCS artists are almost as talented as Mr. Seurat?
  • Students planned out a picture they could create using dots.
  • We used water colors and Q-Tips to make our colorful dots.
  • Students learned that dots closer together would create a darker shade, and the spaced out dots made lighter shades.
  • No lines were allowed at all! Only dots!
  • If you squint, you may be able to make out the object of our pointillism paintings!
This pointillism pie looks good enough to eat!
By: Rachel- 6th Grade
Nice looking sunset!
By: Noah- 5th Grade

A baseball complete with light source and shadow!
By: Nathaniel- 5th Grade

Two little apples hanging from a branch!
By: Bryan- 4th Grade
We hope you enjoyed these creative pointillism pictures! We worked very hard on these! Come back soon for more art!
Mrs. Edwards

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