Friends in Motion!

Gesture Drawing is sketching the basic form of a body in motion. We try to do this lesson early in the year so students can use this technique in other projects. It really helps them learn how to draw people in another form other than standing up straight.

How it works:
Students take turns freezing in cool poses as their classmates sketch their form.
  • They start with the direction of the head
  • Add the tilt of the shoulders
  • A U-shape for the torso
  • The arms and legs are added in 2-part lines.
  • Hands and feet are represented with ovals in the direction they are pointed.
The result is a "test-dummy" looking figure that we can color and add detail to at the end of class. The students seem to really love this assignment as it gets them moving and also gives them more practice with sketching!

Hope you enjoyed our Gesture Drawings! We love drawing our friends in motion!
Mrs. Edwards

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