New School Year, New Look!

Welcome Back Art Friends!

Yes, you are in the right place! I have updated our art blog's look! Take a look around and let me know what you think!
 School is back in session at GCS, and we are already having a blast in art class! We have been reviewing rules, expectations, routines, and beginning our newest art activity! We hope to get these featured on the site this week!
If you aren't familiar with our classroom, take a look at our class policies and routines below!

Most of our rules can fit into one of these four categories:
  • Be Kind!
    • Don't make fun of others' art work.
    • Have a happy and cooperative attitude.
    • Don't talk while I am teaching or when a classmate is presenting.
  • Be Careful!
    • Don't run around the room like a crazy kid! 
    • When working with certain supplies, we try as much as possible to keep our hands away from our face and clothes (to avoid blue/orange faces!!)
    • Watch out for others' art work to be sure you do not accidentally ruin their work.
  • Be Creative!
    • Most common phrase in our class is PLAN with your Pencil!
    • Do not mindlessly draw without a creative plan in mind. 
    • Sketch out ideas before using permanent color.
  • Be Original!
    • Do your best to come up with an idea of you own
    • Never copy Mrs. Edwards' work or your neighbor's work.

There are times when a student may be having a hard day... we'll just leave it at that!! In such cases, they may be given a Warning (Level 1), a "W" (Level 2), or a Check (Level 3). A "W" stands for wait. If you receive a “W”, you must wait 5 minutes away from the art table while everyone else continues to work.

I do reward excellent behavior though! When a student shows kindness, self-control, willingness to follow directions, helpfulness, and creativity they are eligible for Art Star! Art Star is a highly-esteemed award that receives a very cool certificate and CANDY!!

It is super important to me to conserve our supplies to the best of our ability! That's why we have a "no wasting" rule! If we are cutting up paper for an activity, I have the students place any leftover paper into our nicely color coded slots! They are doing a great job at this too!

When we come back after a break, I just assume students were stricken with amnesia and quickly review rules and expectations!! So far so good! They really are a super bunch of kids! I am so blessed to have them in my art class and thank our Lord for giving me the opportunity to minister to them!

Please bare with me as I continue to update the blog a bit. Let me know of any glitches you may find. The comment section should be easier to access now, so please give some positive feedback to our students that I can read to them in our class! They love that! 
Come back soon for more creative fun!
Mrs. Edwards

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