Our First Blog Post!

Hello Friends!

Thanks for visiting our art class blog! We are so glad our masterpieces are now accessible to our family and friends around the world! Our blog will feature the artwork of students from K-5 through 6th grade. We are students from Grace Christian School, which is located in Huntington, WV. We hope you enjoy the art projects we post from week to week! Check back often for new pictures and exciting descriptions of what is happening in our classes!

This week 4th, 5th and 6th grade art students are learning how to draw the human eye. This is part two of a series on drawing the human face. (Part one was drawing the nose!) I have been so impressed with everyone's progress! They are doing a great job!

  • Skills used: shading, observation, proportion, attention to detail

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students have been learning all about colors this year. They can tell you the primary colors, the secondary colors, neutral colors, warm and cool colors, and now we are learning about complementary colors. This week we made self-portraits using only 2 colors: a primary color and its complement. Since this was going to create a cartoon-looking picture, we decided to create a speech bubble with one word that described us. Our classmates helped us think of an edifying word that summed up each student.

  • Skills used: correct color choosing, following directions, including all aspects of human face, creative lettering, neat work (coloring, lines, planning)

Kindergarten art students made some Marbleized Mittens! First we made mittens out of our favorite color (of paper). Then we chose 2-4 different colors of paint, dipped marbles in the paint and placed our mittens and marbles in a box. We rolled the marbles around and around to create beautiful designs on our mittens!

  • Skills used: tracing our hands, cutting, color choosing, following directions.
Feel free to comment and leave constructive feedback or suggestions! Thanks again for visiting our blog, and we hope you return soon!

Mrs. Edwards

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