The No "W" Contest

So have you heard the word that the winner of the No "W" Contest will be announced this Friday? It's true! This is the very last week for students to earn a very cool party for showing great behaviors! Let me refresh your memory about the contest.

The No “W” Contest is a challenge for all elementary art students to obey the art rules with a great attitude.

How does it work?
·       Each class starts out with a daily total of 10 points.
·       If any student receives a “W”, one point is taken away. You can lose up to 10 points in one day.
·       If all students do an exceptional job, they can receive up to 5 extra points!
What is a “W” anyway?
·       “W” stands for wait. If you receive a “W”, you must wait 5 minutes away from the art table while everyone else continues to work. It also costs your class a point!
·       You can receive a “W” for breaking art rules such as excessive talking when Mrs. Edwards is teaching, making fun of others’ artwork, being careless, having a bad attitude or horseplay.

The class that has the most points at the end of the week gets to have a party with a theme of their choice when they return from Christmas break.
Remember, anything can happen this week, so all students must be on their very best behavior! Check back on Friday for the results of the contest!
Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Edwards

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