Out of this World Fun (Moon Sand Recipe!)

Welcome back Art Friends!

Things have been busy in art class at GCS! Students in 1st-5th grade are working diligently on comic books / story books. I will feature those as soon as the last details are finished! This week, second grade finished their comics, so for the remaining class time we played with Moon Sand!

You may be wondering what moon sand is... think of the consistency of wet sand that you can always build sand castles with, but without the water and without the gritty sand! Moon sand is very soft but not squishy like play-dough. If you still don't understand, look at some of the pictures and just trust me that it is verrrry fun to play with!

I placed the Moon Sand into some shallow trays and placed them on the floor with big table cloths underneath to catch any spills!

These boys loved feeling the soft sand, packing it together and throwing it down as "sand bombs" that exploded!!

I provided a few cups and bowls to create forms for the sand.

Everybody working away at molding, exploding, and squishing!

How enjoyable! Are you ready for the recipe!!?

Super Easy Moon Sand Recipe
  • 9 Cups of Flour
  • 1 1/4 Cup Oil
  • Add dry tempera paint for color if you wish!
  • Mix together with your hands and in no time you'll be having a blast!
Hope you enjoyed our out of this world experiences! Let me know if you try it! Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Edwards

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