Cool Color Peacocks

Oh Kindergarten...

In K-5 art we have so much fun, make such messes, and learn soooo many lessons! We have been discussing the color wheel, rainbows, primary colors, secondary colors and such... and this week we talked about cool colors! We celebrated the colors Blue, Purple, and Green by making beautiful peacocks!

First the students flattened out coffee filters and colored circles with washable markers.

I encouraged them to do circles with several rings of varying shades of blues, greens, and purples.

I don't have a picture of this, but after we finished coloring with WASHABLE markers, we sprayed each coffee filter with a water bottle. Since they were washable, the colors ran and bled into eachother creating a beautiful tie-dye effect! So pretty and feathery!

We the made a face, beak and tummy on the peacock body. We assembled them with a touch of glue and our beautiful, cool-color peacocks were finished!!

What do you think of these fine feathered friends? We hope you enjoyed this fun activity! Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Edwards

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