The Beautiful and Shining Spring Art Show!!

Hi Art Friends!!

I finally got some time to update the blog! These past few weeks have been some crazy, crowded, and fun times! This week's post will feature the Spring Art Show held last Thursday night. It was an enchanting and beautiful time, and I really enjoyed watching the children run around and point out their artwork to their family. So sweet!!

 As you entered the lobby, these friendly (and symmetrical!) butterflies 
greeted you swinging from the ceiling!
 One of the biggest sections of our gallery was our Self-Portrait Mural. This featured every elementary student and teacher. It was a breath-taking (and sometimes humorous) presentation of our talent!
 These Mona Lisa Grid Designs were created by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade art classes. Each member of the class got a square of paper, and a square of the original painting. They had to copy exactly what was on the square as best as they could. Then we put all the squares together to reveal the final result! The famous beauty: The Mona Lisa!
One of the most interesting exhibits was our gallery of clay pots. Each elementary student created and painted their very own pot. We used 3 different methods: Coil Pot, Pinch Pot, and Petal Pot. Several students mentioned that this was one of their very favorite lessons. I thought the results were stunning!

I really hope you enjoyed this very small representation of our awesome Art Show! To those who were able to attend, I hope you loved it as much as I did!! I look forward to the next show coming in December!! Thanks for all your support!

Mrs. Edwards

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